5 reasons to visit Meghalaya in the winters

6 reasons you should travel to Meghalaya during January to March:

When is the best time to visit Meghalaya? This is a question that we get asked by our guests ever so often.

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We believe that Meghalaya is a state that holds its charm and beauty all round the year.

Of course, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The best time for you to travel completely revolves around your interests and the experiences that you choose to witness

In terms of seasons, the summers and the monsoons are great for water adventures as the waterfalls and streams are full of life with with the rains. The winters and spring come with glassy, emerald waters that are straight out of a dream and the weather is to die for! (Read moonlit bonfires and barbecues).

Today, let’s go into 5 reasons why one should visit Meghalaya this season (December to March) 

1. The weather!

Reasons to visit Meghalaya in the winters

For those who like getting their jackets and sweaters on, this is a beautiful time to visit the “Abode of Clouds”. Days are very pleasant.

Day temperature range- 9 to 16 degrees, can even go up to 19-20 degrees in the low-altitude areas such as Dawki, Shnongpdeng and Nongriat.
Night temperature range- 1- 10 degrees

Feel the warmth of the sun touch your soul in the days and get ready to cozy up in the evening.

2. The crystal clear waters

Boating in Dawki River
As the monsoons usually recede by September, all the sediments settle to the beds, leaving the waters glassy and emerald. The waterfalls look straight out of a fairytale and the rivers,
lakes and streams- dreamy and magical.

The Umngot river is one that has become very popular (Dawki) for the country boat rides on the crystal clear waters. This only happens during the winter months. The Kynshi is another river that is gaining a lot of popularity amongst experienced white water kayakers but that is mainly during the post monsoon season.

3. Hidden, seasonal spots

hidden places

There is a season for all things! Looking for something offbeat and thrilling to do?

Winter happens to be the best time to visit Meghalaya for those looking for a spelunking experience.

There are over 1500 caves spread under the surface of Meghalaya, a lot of which become inaccessible in the other seasons.

And it’s not just caves, there’s a lot more hidden away in this state that you can experience when you travel with our local experts 😉

4. Jamming around the moonlit bonfires!

If you haven’t heard of the music culture in Meghalaya already, you HAVE to come experience it for yourself. We have not come across a stronger love for music anywhere else in the world, and once you live it yourself, you will know exactly what we are talking about.

Now club that thought with a bonfire and if you may, your choice of poison to keep you warm

5. Fresh bounty!

Fresh bounty

Winter comes with some amazing veggies and fruits that grow locally. The Khasi thalis are to die for, especially for the meat lovers.

Vegetarians, fret not, a lot of veg places have opened and tis the season for greens- the ones grown here are some of the freshest you will come across.

We are all set. Whether it be the best stay, local guides, tour leaders or vehicles, we are ready to provide you with a hassle free experience that you will hold dearly for the rest of your life! Our experienced travel experts can help you customize your vacation as per your dreams. Connect with our team and start planning your 2023 escape right away
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