White Water Rafting in Meghalaya

White water rafting in Meghalaya
Did you know that every year, between the months of October and November, the state of Meghalaya receives paddlers and rafters from all over the world who come to test themselves on the challenging white water rapids that are hidden deep within the jungles of the state?

That’s right! Experts from across the planet have been coming to explore the rivers of Meghalaya for decades, and now, so can you. With new trails and the right local expertise, Meghalaya now offers river experiences for all levels- this includes those of you who have never set foot on a raft before too.

On this short escape, we will take you for an exciting rafting session on the Umtrew River with the local experts from the region. It is important to remember that the behaviour of the river changes with the season so it is crucial to respect local knowledge and go with experienced professionals who know the local rivers well. The stretch that we will be covering is 4 kilometres in length and the total rafting time should take us around 1.5 hours including the stops on the river bank where one can slow down from the adventure to absorb the beauty of the jungles around them.
This rafting adventure is perfect for thrill-seekers and nature lovers aged 18 and above, looking for an exciting way to explore the jungles of Meghalaya. This is a comparatively easy stretch and beginners/first-timers are welcome.


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