Caving in the East Khasi Hills- Krem Lymput

Krem Lymput in Meghlaya
Dive into the heart of Meghalaya’s underground marvels with our Krem Lymput experience. After breakfast and check-out, join us on a journey to explore one of Meghalaya’s 1700+ mystical caves. Led by local experts, this three-hour caving adventure will take you through winding underground passages, showcasing the incredible geological formations and the hidden beauty beneath the earth’s surface. This educational and awe-inspiring experience offers a unique glimpse into the natural wonders of our planet. Cap off the adventure with a hearty packed lunch amidst the lush landscapes of Meghalaya, celebrating the day’s discoveries.
A beginner level cave. Ideal for adventurers and nature enthusiasts eager to explore the hidden depths of Meghalaya’s caves and marvel at the earth’s geological wonders.


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