Adventure in the Khasi Hills: Pynter to Amkoi

Trek from Pynter to Amkoi- ChaloHoppo
Experience a thrilling 2-day adventure immersing yourself in the raw beauty of the Khasi hills’ forests and the breathtaking Umngot River in Meghalaya. Discover stunning root bridges, mesmerizing riverbed landscapes, and crystal-clear waters perfect for a refreshing jump. Ideal for adventurous nature enthusiasts, whether beginners or experienced explorers, eager to uncover the pristine wilderness of Meghalaya.

Price: 2500/- per person

Minimum number of People: 4

This trek is ideal for adventurous nature lovers, whether you’re a beginner with enough self-motivation or an experienced explorer, ready to embrace both familiar and uncharted terrains.


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What can I expect during the trek?
Expect a scenic journey along the Umngot River, encountering root bridges, boulders, and rocks while navigating natural wonders and occasionally venturing through forests.
Are there any activities besides trekking?
Yes, activities include fishing, swimming, cliff-jumping, traversing a hanging bridge, and enjoying a scenic boat ride at Shnongpdeng. Kayaking and snorkeling may also be available depending on time.
Can I join alone, or do I need to be part of a group?
Both solo adventurers and group bookings are welcome. Solo travelers can meet fellow nature enthusiasts during the trek.
What is the best time of year to undertake this trek?
The best time to visit is from November to April, when the weather is dry and pleasant, making the trek more enjoyable and the river waters crystal clear.
What safety measures are in place during the trek?
Safety is a priority. Guides are trained in first aid, and participants are provided with life jackets and headlamps. Emergency procedures are established, and guides carry communication devices for constant connectivity.
To ensure a personalized and safe experience, the group size is typically limited to 15 participants.
To ensure a personalized and safe experience, the group size is typically limited to 15 participants.
Are there any cultural or environmental sensitivities to be aware of?
Yes, the area is culturally significant to the local communities. Participants are expected to respect local customs and traditions. Environmental preservation is also crucial; please follow guidelines to minimize impact, such as carrying out all trash.
What should I do if I am not able to complete the trek?
It’s important to assess your fitness level before the trek. However, if you are unable to continue at any point, guides will assist you to the nearest exit point to ensure your safety.
Can dietary restrictions be accommodated?
Yes, please inform us of any dietary restrictions well in advance so we can accommodate your needs during the trek.

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