Learn about River Communities and Island Life in Majuli

Majuli river


The Mising tribe, one of the major indigenous communities of Assam, have traditionally
lived in the Brahmaputra River valley and have a long history of inhabiting Majuli – the
largest river island in the world. They have traditionally been farmers and fishermen and
have lived in harmony with the natural environment, especially with the river
Brahmaputra. They have a rich and unique cultural heritage that includes their own
language, traditional customs, attires, festivals (like the Ali-Aye-Ligang celebrated in
February or March), and agricultural practices. . They also have a long-standing
tradition of brewing a local alcohol called “Apong” (a traditional rice beer that is made by
fermenting rice) which is consumed during festivals and ceremonies and plays a central
role in Mising social and cultural life.

Map of Majuli


Location: Majuli

Why you will love it

In this short escape, you will be taking on a journey into the Mising community’s way of life – you will witness the Mising vernacular architecture and the purpose it serves, eat a nourishing traditional Mising meal accompanied with apong in a local home, learn about the alcohol-brewing process made with over 100 medicial plants and understand how Misings are deeply tied to their ancestral land, the river and its ecology.

What it includes

  1. Transport (pick up and drop off) from meeting point* (All our single day short escapes are designed considering that guests are already in the locality. If you would like us to organise transport from a destination slightly further away, we are more than happy to help you).
  2. Accommodation for one night* (our stays are booked are on a twin sharing basis. If you would like a single room, let us know and we shall arrange the same for you).
  3. Local guide throughout the trip. (Languages- English, Hindi and Assamese)
  4. Traditional Mising Lunch including quality, home-brewed Poro Apong (local brew)
  5. Alcohol-brewing process (apong)

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