Chumi Gyatse


The little-known Chumi Gyatse Falls, also known as the ‘Holy Waterfalls’, a group of 108 waterfalls on the India-China border, is one of the most breathtaking views in Arunachal Pradesh. The road to Chumi Gyatse Falls is not for the faint-hearted. The distance and off-road conditions make the journey both rewarding and challenging. Starting from Tawang, the drive takes you up to an altitude of 15,000 feet before descending into the Yangtse Valley. The road weaves through dense pine forests, high-altitude meadows, and breathtaking cliffs, accompanied by the music of swiftly flowing streams.

The hike to the waterfall is a relatively easy 1.5-kilometer trek (one way). And then, there it is—Chumi Gyatse Falls, cascading down with a heavenly grace. The sight leaves you breathless as you stand in awe of its beauty.

One popular folklore tells of Padmasambhava, who is revered by the followers of Tibetan Buddhists as the “Second Buddha” flung his rosary with 108 beads, resulting in the formation of the waterfalls, in response to a challenge from a Bon monk. Another story mentions the falls being created to cure a plague after prayers from locals. Additionally, a Tibetan book called the ‘Karchek’ mentions a Guru named Lawapa, believed to be an avatar of Manjushree, as the creator of the waterfalls. According to this, Guru Lawapa used his power to produce water from 108 different holes in the rocks to overcome scarcity faced by one of the gurus during meditation. The rich folklore and diverse narratives associated with the creation of the waterfalls in Tawang district make it a place of great intrigue and fascination, weaving together spirituality, history, and the wonders of nature.

After witnessing the mesmerizing beauty of Chumi Gyatse Falls, get ready to explore another hidden treasure – Damting Village Hot Spring. Just a short 20-minute drive away, you will find yourself at this hidden gem. Park your car near the bridge and take a brief 2-minute walk across the suspended bridge to reach the hot spring. The hot spring boasts three well-maintained pools and convenient changing rooms. Unlike other touristy spots, this tranquil haven remains relatively undiscovered, offering you a serene and uncrowded experience. As you dip into the soothing 70-degree Celsius water, you will feel your worries melt away. The sulphur-rich water not only provides mental peace but also offers various health benefits. Locals can be seen enjoying a relaxing soak in the pools, adding to the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the place. Treat yourself to a cup of local wine as you indulge in the therapeutic waters, taking in the beautiful surroundings and savouring the moment of pure

Chumi Gyatse Falls and Damting Village Hot Spring offer a beautiful blend of adventure, spirituality, and relaxation. Come and let the cascading falls and soothing hot spring heal your mind, body, and soul.

Note: While the journey to Chumi Gyatse Falls includes passing through the renowned Bum La Pass, we recommend prioritizing the offbeat charm of the falls and the hidden gem of Damting Village Hot Spring. The falls and the hot spring offer a rewarding experience with their breathtaking beauty, tranquillity, and unique cultural significance, making them an ideal choice for those seeking a lesser-known adventure.

Chumi Gyatser on map

TIME: 13 Hours 

Location: Day Trip from Tawang

Duration of the experience

4 hours’ drive + 3 hours Waterfall + 0.5-hour drive + 1.5-hour Hot Spring + 4-hour drive = Total 13 hours Day Trip from Tawang

Who is it for?

Chumi Gyatse Falls and Damting Village Hot Spring are perfect destinations for nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, and those seeking escape from the tourist crowds; appealing to travelers who appreciate offbeat experiences.


  • Depart from Tawang: Start your day trip with a 4-hour scenic drive towards Chumi Gyatse Falls.
  • Explore Chumi Gyatse Falls: Spend time hiking and enjoying the mesmerizing beauty of the falls.
  • Drive to Damting Village Hot Spring: After returning from the falls, we get on a 30-minute drive to reach the hot spring.
  • Relax at Damting Village Hot Spring: Enjoy a relaxing dip in the soothing 70-degree Celsius water.
  • Return to Tawang: Begin your 4-hour journey back to Tawang.

Why you will love it:

  • The Monpas tribe hold the Chumi Gyatse Temple in high regard. The temple’s water is considered extremely pure and is believed to possess various medicinal benefits.
  • The Monpas treat themselves and their family members with the water from Chumi Gyatse Waterfall, considering it a cure-all for illnesses.
  • During the winter months from December to February, the area transforms into a stunning white wonderland with significant snowfall.
  • Unlike many other waterfalls, the water flowing from Chumi Gyatse Waterfall is not from melted snow. It originates in the
    mountains themselves, ensuring a continuous flow of water that never dries out.
  • Damting Village & Hot Springs are known for their natural healing properties. The mineral-rich waters are believed to have therapeutic benefits and are used by locals for their medicinal properties, offering relaxation and relief from various ailments.

Things to Carry

For Chumi Gyatse Falls:

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Reusable Water bottle
  • Snacks
  • Sunscreen and hat
  • Raincoat or umbrella (depending on the weather)
  • Backpack or daypack to carry your belongings.
  • Extra clothes and towels (in case you want to get closer to the falls and get wet)
  • An Indian Govt ID Card

For Damting Village Hot Spring:

  • Towels
  • Swimwear (if applicable)
  • Flip-flops or waterproof sandals
  • Change of clothes
  • Reusable Water bottle
  • Snacks
  • Sunscreen
  • Ziplock bags (to store wet clothes or towels after using the hot spring)


  • Arunachal Pradesh Registered Vehicle
  • All parking, tolls, and driver allowances
  • Permit to enter Chumi Gyatse


  • All meals


  •  Starting at Rs. 4,000 per person
    (Minimum Number of travelers – 4)

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    How to reach Chumi Gyatse Waterfall?

    From Tawang, you will be driving up to an altitude of 15,000 feet before descending into the Yangtse Valley. After a four-hour trip from Tawang,
    you would have to walk for another 30 minutes to get to the location.

    Is the road to Chumi Gyatse Falls challenging?

    Yes, the road to Chumi Gyatse Falls can be challenging due to off-road conditions and the altitude. It is important to be prepared for steep inclines, narrow paths, and rough patches along the way.

    How long is the hike to Chumi Gyatse Falls?

    The hike to Chumi Gyatse Falls is relatively easy and covers approximately 1.5 kilometers (one way). It usually takes around 3 hours to complete the round trip, allowing you ample time to explore the falls and enjoy the surroundings.

    When is the best time to visit Chumi Gyatse Waterfall?

    Typically, visitors to the area come in September, October, and November. However, the falls can be visited throughout the year, with each season offering its own unique charm.

    Can I swim in the water at Chumi Gyatse Falls?

    Swimming in the water at Chumi Gyatse Falls is generally not recommended due to safety reasons. The water can be fast-flowing and the rocks slippery. It is best to admire the falls from a safe distance and enjoy the natural beauty.

    Are there any entry restrictions or permits required to visit Chumi Gyatse Falls?

    Yes, there are entry restrictions in place, and army officials at the entry gate will verify your documents before you get to the Chumi Gyatse Falls. It is important to carry the necessary identification documents and permits as required.

    Are there any facilities available near Chumi Gyatse Falls?

    Facilities near Chumi Gyatse Falls are limited. It is advisable to carry water, snacks, and any other essentials you may need during your visit.
    There may be local vendors selling food and beverages near the falls during peak tourist seasons.

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