Jeep Safari in Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park is regarded as one of the finest wildlife refuges in the world. Recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this forest is known for it's success in conservation efforts of the endemic and once almost extinct One-horned Rhinoceros. Join us for a thrilling jeep safari as you prepare to be amazed by what nature offers. Home to at least 15 endangered mammals and 25 globally threatened species of birds, this safari is guaranteed to excite any wildlife and nature lover. If you are lucky, you may even spot the Royal Bengal Tiger while you are there.

What is the number of one-horned rhino in Kaziranga National Park?

There are nearly 2,500 one-horned rhinos in this park, and you are guaranteed to see them during your safari.

Which is better Jeep Safari or Elephant Safari in Kaziranga?

Both Jeep Safari and Elephant Safari are suitable to explore the wilderness of Kaziranga National Park. However, during the elephant safari you get to see the rhinos up-close without any hassle, compared to a Jeep Safari, where you will have to see the rhinos from far.

How far is Kaziranga from Guwahati?

Kaziranga National Park is 138 kms from Guwahati.

What are the big 5 mammals found in Kaziranga? How many of them are left in Kaziranga?

Kaziranga National Park is home to the big five mammals. The one-horned rhino, Asiatic elephants, royal Bengal tigers, swamp deer, and Water Buffalos. There are more than 2400 rhinos, 116 tigers, 1165 elephants, many water buffalos, and 1148 eastern swamp deer.

How far is Kaziranga from Shillong?

The distance between Shillong and Kaziranga National Park is 201 kilometers.

How many tigers are left in Kaziranga? Is it easy to spot them?

There are 116 left tigers in Kaziranga National Park, and it is a little difficult to spot them.

Kaziranga or pobitora: Which is better?

The one-horned rhino sightings in Pobitora National Park are definitely better than Kaziranga National Park. However. the big 5 can be spotted together only in Kaziranga.

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